Three Quarter Circle Skirt

The girls' all time favorite skirts are not doing it anymore: too tight, too short. However, they lasted a full 3 (!!!!) years.

So, they needed to be replaced with something similar. Since I still had this huge stock pile of left over jersey knit from other projects, I decided to use it up. Unfortunately, I did not have enough to make two full circle skirts. So, 3/4 of a circle had to do it. They are not quite as twirly, but I think the girls don't really care. One quarter section has four different ruffles sewn on top.

I made a yoga-pants-style waistband and re-used pockets from another skirt, that was getting to small.
I told the girls they could wear the skirt either way: pockets in front or back: K now ALWAYS wears hers with the pockets in back and A ALWAYS wears hers with the pockets in front. (Sorry, that's funny to me.)

If you are planning to make a circle skirt sometime soon, check out Farbenmix' free pattern. That would save you the calculating part!

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Lauranie said...

These are super cute!! I LOVE the photos!! Way to show off the full circle!
P.S. I think it is funny too...but have two girls and that is how they are...wanting to be the same, but different!! HA!! Have a good weekend!


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