Art Display

Straight up, this is not my idea, but unfortunately I cannot find the blog anymore where I saw this idea first.

The girls are bringing home artwork from school on a daily basis and I am having a hard time figuring out what to do with it: I can't keep EVERYTHING, right; and the fridge has barely any empty space anymore?!
So, we decided to make this interchangeable art display. All you need are a few supplies: paint chips from HD or Low's, a flower paper punch, a small hole punch, string, clothes pins and art work.

It's a nice project to make together with your kids. The girls had fun helping to punch out the flowers and then each "sewed" them onto the string by themselves.

Now, they get to chose which project to hang up and I don't have a counter full of "random" paper anymore.

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Lauranie said...

super cute idea...yours or not ;) Sadly, I just have a jute string pinned to the wall with clothes pins...not very creative, I know :( Maybe I'll come up with a better idea!! Have a good weekend! xo


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