Has this ever happened to you....?????

Last night, as every night, I was working on a project. I was actually planning to make reversible pants for the girls for their birthday outfits. I drew out the pattern, cut it out, pinned it to the fabric and started cutting. First two pieces down: Shoot!!!

The cupcakes are up-side-down on the back pieces of one pair of pants...

Okay, this sucks, but I can still save the situation. I should have enough fabric, to still get two pair of pants. But, I had to shorten them a bit, in order to make it fit.
So, away I pin and cut, pin and cut.....

HOLY CRAP!: What in the world was I thinking, or better NOT thinking: I have four (!!!!) right front pieces now.

I just totally screwed up and wasted about 1.5 yards of cupcake-fabric. I still don't know how I could have been so absent minded. Please tell me, that something like this has happened to at least a few of you before.


Well, before I dwell too much on the whole incident, I decided to try to salvage some of the fabric and make reversible skirts instead (pieced together, of course).
Once I am done, I will show some pictures.


My Big Mouth said...

This has totally happened to me!
I usually throw it on my craft table,shout a few times and walk off.
Especially if its late in the evening and I have used up the last of the fabric I bought for that project.

Heidi said...

OUCH! I've done this before. My solution...cut 4 backs out of solid fabric, then make bias tape out of the print for the back cuff and solid bias for the front cuff.

Sam, Adrianna, Zoe, and Penny said...

ach, I've done that EXACT same thing, only using fabric that SOMEONE ELSE bought so I could make matching pj pants for her whole family. and when I went to buy more of that fabric, it was sold out and discontinued. Worse sewing mistake ever!


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