The things they won't wear

Quite often I will see an outfit somewhere and think this is super cute, I need to make something like this for my girls. And then I do. Only to learn afterwards, that NOBODY likes it and that it will, most likely, never be worn.

Here are two examples. Really pretty double-ruffle knit jersey pants:
..and super cool and hip bubble pants. 

What's not to like?????

Well, it's all about the bottom of the legs: "too big". Who knew, the girls only like tight leggings?! Uhm, I did, but was hoping they'd like these new ones afterall.

I am glad, that both sets are on the bigger side. So, I am hoping that the girls' taste will change over the next couple of months and that they may start wearing them after all. Especially, the bubble pants. I LOVE them. So, much that I will be making myself a pair from this fig colored European Linen and smoke rib knit (looks blue in the picture, but it's actually a really dark grey). These pants will become my new favorite around-the-house-comfy-pants.

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