Non-matching matching dresses

I have been wanting to try Made's tutorial for turning a men's shirt into a girl's dress for the past two years, but never had two shirts that kind of had either a similar pattern or type of fabric. Luckily, hubby finally sorted out these so-90s dress shirts. Remember?! Those, pink or light blue or light green striped shirts that every business man on earth was wearing back then???!!!

Dana's tutorial is for a simple tailored peasant dress. Very easy to make.
I used XL-sized shirts and they were just big enough to accomodate the length of the dresses I was going for. So, if you want to make a dress bigger then, let's say, a 5T, you will need to use a men's shirt that's bigger than a size XL, or add a wide border on the bottom.
So, how lucky am I, that hubby had a pink and light blue version of these "awesome" shirts and my fabric stash held the blue and red prints of Amy Butler's LOVE???!!!! The result: pretty and cute non-matching matching dresses!

Instead of double-folding the seam on the bottom I added a bias-tape border. It would also have been very difficult to fold over the front twice with the button front and all.



Life with Lucy said...

Super cute! Thanks so much for sharing!

Mama Lusco said...

Love them! This has been on my to-do list for years, too :) They look great.

Jessica said...

Oh yeah! Saving this one to my to-do list also. 1st time learning of this idea and I'm in love.

Lauranie said...

awwww...soooo cute! LOVE the dresses, they came out awesome! The bias around the bottom hem...fabulous! I love this look!! :) Another great job!


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