Sewing projects with Pillow Cases

Originally, I just wanted to make another post about the few things I have made lately. But, then realized how many different things I have made from pillow cases already and wanted to share. Maybe, you will be inspired by the simplicity of these projects and try it, too.

So, first, my latest creations.
About a year ago I scored a set  of cute peach colored machine embroidered pillow cases at a Thrift store (2.99$ for both!). For this project, I simply cut off about 6.5 inches off the closed end of the pillow case, finished the raw edge by double-folding and stitching it. Then I added 6 rows of shirring. The straps are made out of the strip I cut off the top.

Then, you can easily turn a pillow case into a peasant top/dress. Like, so. Inditutes has a wonderful tutorial.

You can also make a simple halter dress from a pillow case.

And, then, there is the tradditional pillow case dress. There are several great tutorials online for this version.

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Lauranie said...

yay!! so easy! I have the "what to do with a pillow case" book from the library at the moment...not sure if I am going to renew. I feel greedy when I have a book for 3 weeks and don't do any of the I am keeping it from someone who actually will!! HA!! I did renew Wee Wonderfuls already...gotta do something with that before someone puts it on hold and takes it from me!! Anyway...I love seeing how the girls have grown! Great collection of pictures! xo


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