Beautification of an old dresser

I have started following the One-month-to-win-it blog. Every week the ladies have to come up with a craft for a specific theme. This past week the theme was Mod Podge. One entry particularly caught my eye: a revamped toy chest. It was such an easy way to make something old look new again.

Nine years ago we bought this cheapo dresser for our son's nursery. My "fab" idea back then was to cutify it with some moon-and-stars knobs. Yeah, that's how creative I can be! Don't be jealous. Four years ago this treasure was handed down to our girls and has been in their room ever since.

So, I felt, the time was right that something had to be done about it.
Three hours later, a few sheets of scrap booking paper and a bottle of mod podge, they now have a cute, pink, flowery dresser. Even the knobs became part of the transformation. 

I do like how it turned out, but think it would look prettier if the dresser was painted white. However, that would take too much energy on my part right now. Noticed that unsightly gap between the second and third drawers? Well, the bottom drawer is supposed to be the top drawer. I mixed them up. It's fixed now, though.

And, the lid of their toy chest received a little facelift, too.

Now, what else can I plaster with paper and mod podge....? ;-)


Mama Lusco said...

This turned out great! Perfect for the girls - I know mine would be jealous :)

Lauranie said...

Oh...I just came across that One Month to Win it, over AT SECOND STREET blog...have you been to HER blog...AWESOME stuff!! Anyway, I haven't been following it, maybe I need to make some time...does it mention anything about staining concrete floors!! HA!! Anyway, I LIKE this redo!! Maybe it would look better painted, but I actually like it better with the wood...not too "girly" that it won't grow with them, ya know? It only took ONE bottle of Mod Podge? Wow...impressive work girl!!


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