... told you, ....

.... this was the longest project EVER!
I thought, I was done, but apparantly, I am not. But, let's start from the beginning.

Just, to recap: I am talking about the lace skirt, I was working on.
Over the past few days I managed to sew up all the lace, cut the front and back of the skirt from my pattern and sewed it all up. Before sewing the lace together I had pre-washed it all to make sure it won't shrink later on.
Then it was time to dye it all. Let me tell you, this is the most exciting thing I have done in a while... Here's a look at the skirt pre-dye. You can see that I used different types and shades of cotton lace.

With the same bath I also dyed the skirt lining, which I had sewn from the same pattern and from some left over green voile.
I left both skirts in the bath for about 35 minutes. The directions on the bottle call for 30-60 minutes.
So, here are some pictures the girls took of it this morning.

Looks done and finished, doesn't it?! Not so. It only looks great, when the sun isn't shining....
You see, voile, although dyed, is not opaque enough, when sunlight hits it. So, it's basically see-through. Means, I have to re-do the lining. Too bad, I handstitched it all in... Ugh!

So, maybe soon, I can report this project "DONE"!


Lauranie said...

This is GORGEOUS!!! Too bad about the lining, though!! You look soooo great in this skirt!! Definitely office-wear worthy...if you don't mind ppl staring at how HOT you look!! heehee!

Mama Lusco said...

Gorgeous! Great work!!

Jessica said...

I LOVE the orange. I just made a "easy" pillow case dress for my daughter - and for whatever reason, (although I have made them before), this particular dress fought me! 6 times I ripped out seams - on a kid's dress! I hear your frustration girl!

k a t y said...

How fun to see it in orange! It was worth it though, wasn't it? I've seen very few remakes and I'm loving it in this hue ;)


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