Pencil Skirt - the longest project ever

Today, I will tell you about a project that has been in the making for weeks now. And, it's still not finished! Not even close.

I wanted to make a skirt that looks just like this one. Well, only with different lace and maybe in a different color. Isn't it beautiful and unique, though?!

I also wanted to make the pattern myself.
So, first I searched all kind of blogs for pencil skirt tutorials, and found this one over at House of Marmelade, which is very detailed. I started measuring, did some more measuring, drafted a pattern and cut it out.

At this point I was not convinced that I did everything right and decided to test it on some scrap fabric. Only problem was, I do not own scrap fabric. Luckily, my husband just added some of his old dress shirts to the throw away pile. Perfect! I just centered my pattern over the shirt and cut it out.

Pattern test: successful! (Pictures, courtesey of two four year olds!) Now, I am ready to start the lace skirt. Wish me luck. As you can see on one of the pictures above I have already layed out and dye-tested the lace I am going to use. This is going to be one bright skirt.

Hoping to show it off soon.


Lauranie said...

oooh it is going to be so pretty!! Ya know, I really like the "shirt" skirt!! I've seen a couple of men's shirt redos around, this could be a trend...tell me how you did THAT!!! :)

p.s. I made two flower garden dresses yesterday....I'll blog about it after Easter..LOVE the pattern, thank you so much!!

Mama Lusco said...

Very nice! I really like the shirt skirt so I bet the lace one will be great. Hard to believe your girls took those photos - they did great!


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