Laptop Sleeve

1. Material:

Outer Fabric
Lining Fabric
Fusible Interfacing for Outer fabric (I love Pellon SF101)
Fusible Fleece for Lining (I love Pellon Thermolam)
4 inch piece of hook & loop closure (e.g. Velcro)

I used brown Twill for my Outer Fabric and a regular light blue quilter’s cotton for the Lining.

2. Measuring you fabric pieces:

You will need two pieces of Outer Fabric, two pieces of interfacing, two pieces of Lining fabric and two pieces of fusible fleece.

Take the following measurements: Length, depth and height of your laptop. Follow the diagram below to cut your fabric. If you follow this diagram, your pieces will include a ½” seam allowance.
Please note, that my laptop is gigantic. So I ended up buying 16 inches of each, outer fabric and lining (44” wide), 16 inches of fusible fleece (44” wide) and 38” of interfacing (20” wide).

3. Attaching Interfacing, Fleece and hook&loop closure

After cutting all your pieces, fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of your Outer Fabric and the fleece to the wrong side of your Lining. Follow manufacturer’s directions. Typically, your iron should be on the wool setting (medium heat). After you are done with this step, now would be a good time to embellish your outer fabric if you wish to do so. I added a couple of appliqu├ęs to match my laptop sleeve with the recent bag I made.

Now we will attach the hook & loop closure. The scratchy (hook) part goes on the right side of your Outer Fabric front piece (the smaller one of the two Outer Fabric pieces you have) and the soft (loop) part goes on the right side of your Lining back piece (the larger of the two Lining pieces you have). In each case find the center of your fabric and measure down 3 inches. Sew on the pieces.

4. Sew outside of sleeve

Align Outer Fabric pieces right sides together, making sure the closure is towards the top of your sleeve. Pin if you like, or just sew the two pieces together. I added gussets on the bottom of my sleeve. If your laptop is really skinny, you may not have to do this step. To add gussets fold the bottom corners as in the picture. Make sure the bottom and side seams are aligned. Imagine a triangle with the long side of that triangle equaling the height of your laptop. Sew across that line a couple of times to reinforce the seam. Trim corner to about ½” from your seam. Repeat for other corner.

Now turn your Outer sleeve right side out.

5. Sew Lining
Repeat step 4, except for leaving a 6” opening on the bottom. You will needs this opening later in order to turn your sleeve right side out. Do not turn your Lining.

6. Attach Outer sleeve to Lining

With your Outer sleeve still being right side out and your Lining wrong side out, insert your Outer sleeve into your Lining. Match side seams and raw edges. Pin your raw edges together as shown in the picture and sew them together. It may be easier to do it in two steps: first the three sides of the flap and then the top seam of the sleeve.

Turn your work through the opening in the Lining. You are almost done. Close the Lining opening either by stitching by hand or with your machine. Stuff Lining into your Outer Sleeve.

7. Finishing
Press Flap and sleeve top with a warm iron. Topstitch around outer edges at about ¼ inch to give it a clean finished look.

Voila! You are all done!

I am now thinking about adding a strap to my laptop sleeve. If I do, I will update this tutorial.

If anything is unclear, please contact me. Also, I would love to see pictures of your work!

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