... and another new bag for me!

I may have mentioned it before; I am kind of obsessed with bags right now.

A few weeks ago I made this bag using my own pattern. At that time I had a few things I wanted to improve on the pattern. So, last week, I went ahead and implemented those changes and made yet another bag for myself.

I think the pattern is now perfect for what I need the bag for.

BUT!, unfortunately when I purchased the supplies for the bag, the store did not have Thermolam fusible fleece in stock, so I settled for a thinner version of fleece: big mistake. The bag did not turn out as stiff as I wanted it to be.

I guess, I will have to make another one in the near future...
Also, I am working on a matching laptop sleeve right now. I will try to make a tutorial for it. Stay tuned.

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Mama Lusco said...

What a beautiful bag! I'm also kinda obsessed with bags :) My hubby keeps asking how many purses a gal needs. Never enough, I say! I found your blog through the SMS forum...Beautiful projects!


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