Do these qualify as Quilts...?!

As the girls' second birthday is approaching I am keeping busy getting all the gifts ready. This past weekend I was working on bedding for the baby doll cribs they will be receiving.

Take a look at my Scrap-fabric-patchwork-doll-blankets and matching pillows. Do you think these could pass as quilts? I am asking, because Quilting is on my list of things to learn. I know it's not very extravagant what I fabricated here, but there are a few "quilt-lines" on these blankets: I stiched in the "ditch" horizontally and vertically.

And do you want to know what my favorite part about these blankets and pillows is: I did not buy any material especially for this project! Even the binding is made from fabric scraps (pat on own shoulder...). I tried to use as many different colors that do not necessarily match, in order to make the blankets really colorful and bright: And I think, I succeeded.

For the blankets I cut 12 5-inch (ca. 13 cm) squares (which is charm-pack size, right?!), embellished some with ribbon, lace and appliques before sewing them together. For the back side I used flannel with a layer of cotton batting inbetween front and back. The pillows are made from 9 3-inch (ca. 7.5 cm) squares and also have flannel on the back side, stuffed with poly fiber. For the binding I cut 2 inch (5 cm) wide strips, sewed them together on the short ends and pressed the long raw edges to meet in the center (leave about a 2 milimeter gap inbetween the edges, that will make it easier to place the binding around your "quilt"). When placing the binding I made sure that none of the squares would be bound by the same fabric.


Myra said...

Sure they do, nice ones.

Harley Dee said...

Very pretty, those are definitely quilts! And what nice presents to give that your girls will have forever.

Team Rogers said...

I am so glad to have your blog as a reference. As always, you are one step ahead of me. I was planning on giving the girls doll 'stuff' for Christmas. Matt is going to make the cradles and me the quilts. I love your ideas. You made me want to add a pillow to match the quilt. Great job!!


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