Springtime in Paris (I wish...)

... but dreaming is allowed.

I just wanted to show off the new purse I made for myself. I came up with my own pattern this time.
Maybe, I should switch to designing purses instead of making toys and clothing for children... Hee, hee. Might be a smart move, if the CPSIA goes into effect as planned...

The size of this purse is much more suitable for daily use (remember the Amy Butler bag from a few weeks ago). At least for me: It's about 13 inches wide, 9 inches high and 3 inches deep. I added four interior pockets and a magnetic closure (I love those!).

I can't believe that not too long ago I was a complete Anti-Purse-Person (I used to have a laptop bag only and stuff my wallet, etc. into my coat pockets), and now I already made my second one. I think I will even make another one, tweaking my pattern a bit (Increasing the fold in the center a bit, and removing it from the lining completely. Right now outside and lining are cut the same way. And, possibly making it not as wide. I also think the interior pockets should not be as deep.).

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