A new purse for me

After much back and forth on which pattern, style and design to use I decided to try the Amy Butler Birdie Sling pattern.

I have to say, it is a really easy to understand pattern and works up very nicely (if you actually read all instructions and follow them at the same time...). I tried to wing it a couple of times, but just ended up opening seams afterwards. However, no matter what you do, this is not a one-evening-project. Just cutting all the fabric and interfacing pieces took me two hours. The actual sewing of the bag took about 4 hours. The only modification to the original is, I added a magnetic closure.

To be honest, the bag is quite a bit bigger than what I expected (14.5 inches high, 6 inches deep and about 20 inches side seam to side seam). In fact, for my taste it is too big for every day use as a purse. So, I will be making another purse for myself. A smaller one, of course. Maybe, I will even come up with my own pattern. We will see.

For right now, here are a couple of pictures.


nerida said...

Great job! It looks so lovely - a bag that big is very useful, however things (ie the thing you are looking for) do get lost extraordinarily easily I find!!!

Kindershop said...

Thank you. You are right. It helps, however, that I now have all these little pouches and the purse organizer. But, my right arm is too short, to grab the things on the bottom of the bag without taking the bag off my shoulder :-)


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