Teacher Valentine - and no progress on WIPs

I guess, I am a "bit" late with this post. There has been too much traveling for work and other things going on lately, that I had no time to do much else.

Yanic, really (!) likes his teacher this year and wanted to make something special for her on Valentine's Day. We (I) had to come up with something that's not girly or cutesy.
For a long time, Super-Room-Mom-Lauranie has been making all these cute welcome signs for her kids' teachers and I decided to use her Ruler-idea. Only, I didn't have any burlap or non-pink/purple felt to use, so we thought about hanging typical teacher items from it. In the short of time the only thing we could come up with is an apple. I know, very creative....
Luckily, over at WeeFolkArt there is this great apple pattern. We doubled the pieces and handstitched them together. I made one apple and Yanic made one. We stuffed them very lightly with fiber fill.

From what I heard, his teacher like it and it's now hanging above her desk.

On the other hand, I am making NO progress on any of the projects I have on my list.

"My Pink Quilt" has been waiting since Christmas to be finished.

These two skirts over the chair have been sitting there since late December without a waist band.

Then there are two faux chenille blankets I am planning to make for the girls' birthday. I am one third done with the first, and it's taking longer than I thought.

And then, there are the birthday dresses, which are still two pieces of yardage...
Wishing there were more hours in a day!

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Lauranie said...

I LOVE it!!! It is so cute and simple....great job!! :) This so-called "super" room mom has been slack-a-lackin' lately!! Our teacher will be back from her maternity leave at the end of this month and I haven't started on her welcome back gifts...GAH!! I want to do one of those faux chenille blankets for her new little one...really it takes a while?? Got to get started...SOON!! I did do a dress for The Middle Child for Mardi Gras...used an AWESOME pattern/tutorial...hopefully posting soon!! I'm sure you will knock all of those out soon...just have one GOOD day! :)


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