The Royal-pain-in-the-rear-Blossom Bag

...yep, that's exactly what it was, while I was wrestling with it. WRESTLING! Literally. The pattern and directions are not exceptionally difficult. It's the layers upon layers of fabric, interfacing and super stiff peltex. I broke two machine needles, bent endless pins and drew blood twice while trying to tack the dividers into place by hand.

Before I started sewing the Amy Butler Blossom Bag, I read this review. I second it 360% and then some.

Okay, here my two cents.
I tried to take a short cut and used fusible extra-stiff Peltex instead of extra-stiff Peltex + fusible interfacing. At first that idea seemed to work just fine, until I had to turn the bag right side out: the fabric started to become wavy and puckered. I am not sure if I measured incorrectly, but the snap did not line up at first and I had to patch up the holes and cut a set of new ones.

To sew the flap onto the bag was painful. Since the bag is so stiff it was difficult to sew a straight line. I tried several times and in the end gave up. The result is that the lining is shifted in the back.

I wonder what the bag would feel and look like if it was made with fusible fleece instead of stiff Peltex. But, I guess, I will never know. Because, I am NOT going to make another one.
Please let me know if you made one. I'd love to hear what you think.


Daisy said...

I bought her book specifically for this pattern, then got to looking at it and realized I'd end up throwing my machine out the window if I tried it! Glad to see someone completed it, even gladder that it wasn't me! You used beautiful fabric and did a great job!

Mama Lusco said...

Wonderful fabric! Your bag looks great, despite the frustrations. Hope you will enjoy using it :)

Lauranie said...

Well...good thing THAT'S over!! :) I HATE frustrating projects because of what you said...."I WON'T be doing another one!", but think how much easier it will be now that you have LEARNED from this process! Here is what I looks FABULOUS! The patch looks like it should be there for extra sturdiness at the snap! You did a great job lining it up so it looks natural. The puckering on the lining is a is INSIDE of the bag and when you fill it with things, it would have a "puckered" effect anyway!! No comment on the zipper, you didn't say why it wasn't put in, but again...INSIDE of the bag so if you want a closure use those little iron-on velcro dots! ;) All in all you did an AMAZING job, it looks professionally done...STOP being so hard on yourself. DO another one using the fusible fleece...just to see the difference!! I only wish I could have the patience to try something this difficult...withOUT saying, "Oh well..good enough!" :)

Tim said...

Cool stuff.


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