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Happy Valentine's Day!
I don't have any valentinish things to present to you today. YES, my children did not get special Valentine's dresses or accessories this year! Shame on me. Just didn't have the time or drive.

So, I only have some pics from our International Festival at the girls' school this weekend. This is an annual event to celebrate the diversity that exists at their school. It's literally The United Nations there. I set up the German table with some help from one of the other parents. We decorated with typical German things, toys and offered food: I had made over 200 cookies and two German cheesecakes (delicious!) and the other parent had two crock pots full of Spaetzle (egg noodles).
We also had clothes pin magnets with the German colors as little give-aways for the children. It took me quite a few evenings to make these (100+), but the concept is pretty easy: plain clothes pin, decopage one side with flag printed on plain paper, glue magnets to the back. Sorry, forgot to take a picture of those.

Aside from decorating the German table at the Festival I also "decorated" my children...

The appliques of Germany are made from left over jersey I had from old T-shirts.

The girls' dresses are an enlarged copy of a well-loved dress they have. The dress is now too small to be an actual dress, unless you live in the Fiftees when dresses barely covered a girl's behind. So, they are more like tops now. But, anyway.

I am working on a little tutorial for you, so you can make this type of dress yourself. But, as always, it will be a while until I get around to posting it. I will first have to make another dress, in order to take pictures for the tute. These dresses are great for layering and wearing for several years as tops (see notes above...).

Happy Valentine's Day.


Lauranie said...

OMGosh...I LOVE this dress...HURRY UP!! :) It is soooo cute, love the collar!! And wow! great job on the Germany app!!! Those girls are getting so big..and cuter everytime I see them!! The kissy pic is DARLING!! So I guess you get a pass for no Vday stuff, since you DID do something...silly! Good job momma! xo

Mamma and Co. said...

Oh the girls are just growing and growing. How I miss them both! Please follow one or any of the blogs I write. I'd love to keep in touch. Plus you have to see how big Cassie has gotten since we last saw you all at gymnastics.



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