A special little doll

I know, I promissed the tutorial for THE dress with my next post.
Yeah, I am still working on it. I took pictures and everything, but still have to write it all up. Here's a little sneak peak at the dress(es) that you will see in the tute...

You like? 'kay, then come back in a couple of days and I will have the tutorial up.

Until then, here is a pic of a very special custom order I just finished.

Isn't she cute?! When she saw her, Anika said: " Mama, she is smiling at me. I think she wants me. Can I have her?" Sorry, no. She will go to a little girl who is being adopted from Africa and will have this super cute nursery.

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Lauranie said...

SUPERcute dollie!! Love the Gingham dress and red shoes!! And the little crocheted circles on the girls' dresses...to die for!! Can't wait for the tute!! Has it warmed up some there yet? xo


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