Felted Cashmere Cardigans

Oh my, these are so, so soft! I wish I had one, too.

For these cardigans, I felted two adult size 100% cashmere sweaters from the Thrift Store. To felt them, I simply washed them in the machine and threw them into the dryer. If you want to make something from felted natural fibers, remember that the original garment will shrink. Duhh! I forgot, and the dark purple sweater almost turned out to small to be used for a cardigan.

For the pattern I simply layed a fitting jacket on top and started cutting. It worked out okay, but I think the neck opening is a little wide. Anyway.

I then embellished the wazzooo out of it. I finally cut into two Spoonflower swatches I have had for quite some time: the deers on the back and mushroom girl on the front. Red Riding Hood trim for just above the hem and colorful fabric from my stash for the front facing: done.

The front closure is not finished yet. I will be adding a small square piece of velcro to it. Just didn't have any at home the other day.

The idea to upcycle felted sweaters is not mine. Shelly from Lemontree Studio recently listed a whole bunch of really cute wool felted cardigans in her shop.
The only thing I didn't like about it was the thought of itchy, scratchy wool. Hence the cashmere.

Have a great week.

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Lauranie said...

so VERY cute!! sounds scary though ;) I probably would shrink them beyond use!! HA! Great job!


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