My very first Craftshow

I was so excited that I had finally found a Craftshow in the area that a) wasn't cancelled due to lack of participating sellers and b) didn't cost hundreds of dollars for a table. So, this past weekend I set up shop at a local Holiday Arts & Crafts Show.

For it being my first show I thought my display looked pretty decent. If I do it again, however, I think I need to not have any items pre-wrapped and have more items hanging from something so they are more visible.

I did have a drawing which was my conversation starter. And it kind of worked. I asked people to help me find a name for this new toy ("Jingeling Jacks" ended up being the winner).

For my next show I wish:
a) the economy is better, so more people come out to buy things

b) we don't have the first significant snow storm of the year, so more people come out to buy things
c) the show organizer advertises more in advance, so more people come out to buy things
d) the road leading to the show place is not closed for construction (with a 5 mile detour), so more people come out to buy things.

That's all. Not too much to ask for, or?!

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nerida said...

Congratulations for participating in your first market! It seems the success of markets always varies significantly - and the more you go to, the more people would look out for you too (or maybe come just for you!) Retailing 'in the flesh' is a whole new world! Must have been fun to meet your customers!


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