Valentine T-shirt Dress

I haven't made T-shirt dresses in a while and had forgotten how quick and easy they are.
Over Christmas I noticed that one of girls' red shirts was getting waaaaayyyyy to small; I mean belly-hanging-out-small and sleeves becoming 3/4 length. So, I decided to upcycle them into Valentine dresses.

And, if I may say so, they turned out really cute.

Here is, in short, what I did:
1. The skirt part is made up of three tiers. Each tier was cut 7 inches wide. The lengths for the top tier is the width of the fabric (42 in), the second 1.5 times the width and the last one twice the width of fabric. So, really easy to calculate.
2. The sleeve extenstions are made from two 4.5 x 12 inch pieces of fabric: ruffled on top and turned under on the bottom.
3. The neck opening was too small as well, so I cut of the old one and covered the opening with: WAIT!!!!: FOE. Yes, there it is again. Best thing ever, I tell you.
4. The sash is twice the width of fabric and about 3 inches wide finished.

More finished projects to show off soon. Just need to those pictures edited. Have a great weekend.
And: Happy Birthday, Lauranie!!!!


scapmanufaktur said...

...die sind schön geworden! Ich hoffe, ich erbe sie irgendwann für Annabelle und Lena?!
Oh ja (schwelg), berühmt werden... ;-)

Mama Lusco said...

Beautiful V-Day dresses! What a great way to reuse those old shirts. I bet the girls love the skirt part :)

Lauranie said...

These ARE beautiful!!! I looked for FOE at JoAnns the other you order online? All I found was some thin you dye yours? Thanks for the bday wishes!! xo


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