Interchangeable Yarn Wreath

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am, that I finally got around to taking down all our outside Christmas lights yesterday. I know! Can you believe it?! It's mid January, and we still have the lights up....

So, naturally, I wanted to show off my "new" ready-for-Valentines-day-front-door.

I made this pretty yarn wreath the other day. Best part about it, it's interchangeable.

Similar to the wreath in this tutorial, I sewed the flowers onto a piece of felt backed with a strip of velcro. However, instead of glueing, I sewed everything. We have the sun bearing down on our front door all afternoon, so it gets very hot between the screen door and front door. And with that anything glued tends to fall off sooner or later....

So, now I have to make "stick-ons" for Spring, Summer, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas... I think, I can combine Spring and Summer, though, and maybe Fall and Thanksgiving, too. So, that leaves only 4 more.... Easy, peasy.


Suzanne said...

I love your version with some crocheted flower in it! I think this is something to put on my looonng "to do" list :)

Lauranie said... pretty!! Interchangeable...SMART!! But how FUN to come up with different elements to add, I don't think you will combine Spring/Summer...too many opportunities to show off your creativeness!! :) xo

Mama Lusco said...

Great idea! The wreath is beautiful :)


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