Beginning Beginner Embroidery project

Happy New Year!
We are taking it VERY easy today. Just hanging around, doing "stuff", watching football, whishing for the kids to take a nap..., so I can take one, too.

Just wanted to quickly show how the girls' first embroidery projects turned out. As mentioned in the previous post, I asked them to draw their favorite princess. Anika took that request serious and drew a very pretty Ariel (Unfortunately, it was a little bigger than the hoop, so that the tail did not fit.). Kordula on the other hand, just wanted to be done: so she drew a stick princess. But, I guess, that's okay.

Holding it against a window I transfered their pictures onto cross-stitching fabric with a regular pencil.
I literally showed each of them with two stitches how to do it and off they went. I was bracing myself for lot's of frustration, lost needles (well, they did lose 3 in the process...!), tangled threads and me fixing mistakes. But, except for the lost needles, none of it happened. Both sat for 2+ hours just stitching away. All I had to do is change colors for them and secure the threads in back.
Anika even said at one point: "Mama, this (sewing) makes me so, so happy!" (Aaaaw.)

Later, I will go get wooden hoops to frame their work and hang it in their room. They are already asking to embroider another picture! They had so much fun.
BTW: The purple thing is the bathing suit top and the thing on the left is a fish, not a tail.

I am very proud of how even most of the stitches turned out. I really did not expect that on the first try.


scapmanufaktur said..., das ist ne super Idee und die Bilder sind ja toll! Aber am meisten bewundere ich das Sticken der zwei kleinen Ladies. Und Anikas Satz ist ja zu süss. Na dann freu ich mich mehr davon zusehen, wenn sie so viel Spass hatten!!!

Lauranie said...

soooooo sweet!!! They did such a great job drawing AND stitching!! The talent runs AMUCK in your family!! Hope you are calming down some and having a great New Year!! xo


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