Merry Christmas and some last minute gift ideas

I am wishing everybody a very merry Christmas in peace and harmony!

Are you all done with your shopping and gift making? I just finished a couple of hours ago. So glad, I got it done.
And if you are still looking for a few small things, these are really quick:

First up these super cute miniature deers. Couldn't you just eat them up?! The free pattern can be found here. But, before you start, know that there is quite a bit of handstitching involved and everthing is really tiny to sew.

Then, this cool dude, for the 9-year-old, who acts like a mid-teen right now! (Uggh... ;-)). Over at Obsessively Stitching there are free tutorials for Angry Bird and his entire crew. Try them! It's fun and therapeutic ;-) I stuffed mine half and half with regular fiber fill and cherry pits. This makes it "easier" to toss him around.

And last, but not least: The girls at 4 are more and more asking me to "sew" their own things. First I thought about getting them each a toy sewing machine. However, then I saw all these bad reviews on every single one of them, that I decided against it and opted for stitching kits instead. I made cute bright colored drawstring bags with lots of different trims and Uroma's crochet flowers on front and filled them with stitching fabric, a hoop and lots of embroidery floss.

I think, sometime next week, I will have the girls draw their favorite princess, transfer them onto the fabric and have them outline them with running stitches. When done we can either hang them on the wall as art or use them to make a pillow or bag. I will let you know how it goes.

Until then, enjoy the Holidays!

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Lauranie said...

OH!! Those bags are BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE that your girls are learning to hand AWESOME!! LOVE the angry birds too...CUTE!! My kiddos got art supplies for Christmas, and they have been making me TONS of beautiful pictures!! xo


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