Ruffle Scarf - a tutorial

Oh, boy, these past two weeks have been crazy. The whole family was down with a vicious stomach virus. It was aweful. I felt like, if I had to clean one more bowl o' puke, I would go insane.
Luckily, everybody is better now.

Here the tutorial I promised ages ago. It's really quick and super easy.
All you need are a 7 inch piece of fleece the width of fabric (usually 60 inches) and four 2 x 12 inch pieces of fleece in a matching/contrasting color.

Step 1: With sizzors cut half inch wide fringes on both ends of your fleece. Mine were about 6 inches long.

Step 2: With your sewing machine ruffle the four small fleece pieces until each of them is 7 inches long.

Step 3: Sew two ruffles on each end of the scarf as seen on the pictures. All done!
This size will fit kids as well as adults. Enjoy!

Hopefully, I will be back soon with some of the things I have made for Christmas. I couple of things still have to be finished. Hoping for some Me-time tomorrow.

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Lauranie said...

Very CUTE!!! Sorry I've been AWOL, and that you all had the yuck-yucks!! :( Hope you are all better now...2 wks later...UGH!!


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