Thrifty Spring Skirt Re-Purpose Project

Another project that cost me next to nothing. I LOVE those kinds of projects!

Just finished this set of skirts in perfect spring colors: light green, blue, pink and purple with cute birdie and simple flower appliques.

All I did to make one of these skirts is add a fabric strip for the waist band, close the back seam and insert elastic. Easy peasy.

You will notice that the skirts are a tad too long right now. But, I figured, spring is still at least three months away here where I live, so that's three more months for the girls to grow another inch or so. And while you are looking at the pics; see how short and tight the shirts are.... :( This is a total underestimation on my part as to how much they'd grow over the winter. Anyway, they will have to stick it out until warmer weather arrives. Too late into the season to buy more long sleeved shirts.

Okay, if you are still with me after my ramblings, then here comes a little GIVEAWAY!!!!! Yeah! See, sometimes it pays off to read through a full post ;-)
I have enough of the thrifted "something" left, to make a skirt for one of my lovely blog readers! Are you excited?!

As you may have noticed I have not told you yet, what I re-purposed in order to make these skirts. So, in order to qualify to win , leave a comment and tell me what you think it is I used. If there is more than one of you with the correct answer I will pick a random winner among those with the correct answer. Everybody only gets ONE guess, though. Sounds fair?!

Okay, one more thing for you to read through: Just so you know, based on what I have available I can make a skirt in these three sizes:
a) 11 inches long (won't have blue gingham waistband, but the light green of the main fabric)
b) 12.5 inches long (blue gingham will only be on the inside of the waistband, outside will show the light green)
c) 13.5 inches long (as seen in the pictures)
I would estimate that the 13.5 inch long skirts are a 4T.
Now, go on and take your guess! I will leave this giveaway open until next Sunday (1/24/10).


Matthews' Memories said...

I think you used...aaaa...curtains to make the skirts???

Stephanie said...

The skirts are too cute and I love how you sneaked in a little giveaway. I think they were made out of a fabric tablecloth.

Evelyn said...

I'll guess a shower curtain, just for fun! They are really adorable!

lisa said...

those are super cute. I love repurposed clothes! my guess is curtains.

Suzanne said...

I think it looks like they were a valance. Very cute! I love your thriftyness :)

Mama Lusco said...

The others and I are thinking along the same lines...I'd say it was a tablecloth. Good work - they look adorable!

sewbeeit said...

Could they have been pillowcases? Really cute whatever they were.

Lisa said...

I think it looks like a curtain. Very cute though whatever it is!!

Mari said...

Adorable...I'm going to say a bed skirt was used (the dust ruffle) or whatever they are called?? (but I'm international so not sure it counts?!)

Freda said...

These are so cute! I'm gonna guess a comforter. The fabric is surpisingly close to what is on my bed at the moment.

Lauranie said...

I'm barely squeaking in for this one....but all of the other answers seem right....hmmmmm, placemats?? THAT would be something to see!! HA!! Anyway...they are soooo cute!! And you could always add ruffles to the bottoms of the shirts and sleeves to "extend" their life!!

Anonymous said...

cute!! I think you used curtains! -chrissy


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