Pretty New Books

A while back I entered a "sewing green" contest at STC Craft. I had entered the set of jammies I had made from vintage embroidered pillow cases. And I was one of the lucky winners. I was so excited, 'cause I got to pick any of the crafting books they carry. Yeah!!!

So, I picked Printing by Hand by Lena Corwin.

Can't wait to try printing some designs on brown or natural linen. I am thinking zippy pouches and clutches.

Also, because I had to wait a couple of months for my prize to arrive they included a free copy of Zakka Sewing as well.

Oh, I am in heaven. This book has been on my Wishlist for quite a while now.

Okay, that's a LOT of concentrated inspiration to receive in one day. I will have to wait a few days with starting any of the projects in these books, though. Yesterday, I finally received confirmation from the girls' Preschool that they indeed would like to have Snowflake costumes for all the kids for the upcoming Winterprogram: 16 Outfits to be ready by mid next week! I know I can do it ;-)


Mama Lusco said...

Congratulations! The books look wonderful and good luck making those costumes :)

Lauranie said...

YOU CAN DO IT!! :D Let me know how you like the Zakka sewing...I've been looking at it alot, but not sure if any of the projects would appeal to me! Can't wait to see those costumes!! Remember to NOT STRESS too much! They will be great no matter what!! :D


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