Better Pictures

All right. We had a chance to take some better pictures of the skorts yesterday. Bribary included.

I had to redo the first skort I made (the one that had the red tights' top) because it was too small and kept sliding off their little butts. So, here are the finished versions.

I added a little applique and flowery embellishments to both of them. The birds are from the new Leanika line of fabric (Get it?! LeANIKA... ;-)) It's very cute. I got mine here. The flowers are made from circles cut out of left over jersey from this project with a few glass beads added in the center.

One of the tights had a little hole in the back, so I added a little heart applique. Cute, huh?!

By the way, the knee highs are made from the legs of the same tights that I used for the skorts. And the skort's legs are the same length, but they keep sliding up a little when the kids move around.


My Big Mouth said...

Those a really cute and your daughters are super cute!
I always wanted twins!

Lauranie said...

Their hair is getting sooo long!! And how pretty they are!! WOW! The little heart is cute, cute! I might be doing this...ALOT!! HA! My girls are not easy on tights. That is why this is such a GREAT idea...most of the time they only get ONE wear out of them before the holes and runs appear!!


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