Upcycled Skorts

It works!
So, I took the left over tops of old tights from this project and used them as shorts for a new skort.

All you have to do is:

1.Take a light weight cotton or knit fabric and cut a rectangle over the width of your fabric. The length of it should be the desired length of your skirt plus 1.25 inches for hem and gathering on top.

2. Sew the short ends of your rectangle right sides together to create a big "tube".

3. Gather the top of that tube to reach the same circumference that the top of your tights have.

4. Turn skirt tube inside out, insert tights' top as shown in the picture and attach the skirt tube just below the tight's waistband with a Zig-Zag-stitch. The tights' waistband will be visible at the end and become the waistband of your skorts. So, you need to make sure that the waistband still has some stretch in it to stay up on your child's waist. Otherwise the weight of the skirt will just make it slide down.
Try not to stretch the tights' waist at all while sewing.

5. Remove your gathering thread (Or simply stretch out the waistband until the gathering stitch rips. Don't worry about the zig zag stitch. It won't rip).

6. To finish the lower edge, fold over twice to the inside and stitch.

Sorry for the crappy pictures again. The camera's battery was charging and my phone's camera just stinks in the dark... Also, as you can see my lower edge is not finished yet and the fabric needs some serious ironing. Anika quickly tried it on this morning and it fit perfectly. I will post better pics once I get a chance to have the girls wear their skorts in decent lighting and with enough time on my part to take good pictures.

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Lauranie said...

FABULOUS!! Thanks for the tutorial! VERY helpful! I really like the earflap hat in your shop, but don't think it will fit...guess it is time for me to pull out my needles!!


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