From Tights to Knee-highs

Don't you wish you knew what to do with all these super cute little kids tights that are w-a-a-a-a-y too short and keep sliding down?! Well, Disney from Ruffles 'n Stuff had the best idea ever!

- Cut them up, add elastic, embellish = have knee highs -

It's so easy and the results so cute you will want to go out and buy too small tights on purpose. Just so you can cut them up! I made four pair in less than an hour. Klick here for the link to Disney's great tutorial.

In order to get the right length for the elastic, I measured the girls right below the knee and substracted 1/2 inch. They measured 7.5 inches and I cut the elastic at 7 inches. This way they are staying up nicely without being too tight. Also, I did not overlap the ends of the elastic. They are butting right up to one another. This will also ensure a little more stretch and comfort.

And, don't throw out the top of the tights! My daughters are now wearing theirs as super-comfy-warm "underwear covers".  They love 'em. Unfortunately, a little bit more than the knee highs I made...
I also think, the tops would be great as the shorts part for skorts... I may just try that tomorrow!


Freda said...

These are so cute! I can't wait for my daughter to outgrow some so I can try these out.

Lauranie said...

What an AWESOME idea for the tops to be used as the under part for skorts!! Please let us know how it comes out and HOW to do it!! My oldest has quite the "bottom", and I won't buy skirts unless they have undershorts, but I've never tried to add or make any myself...too chicken!! HA!

Mama Lusco said...

I saw this tutorial also and yours turned out great! I like the idea of turning the top into skorts shorts. Let us know how that turns out!


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