Multi Tasker Tote

I hope all of you had a very merry Christmas. Ours was great, but went by so quickly again. The kids are in heaven with all the new toys they received. And I am happy, because everybody loves the handmade gifts I made. Well worth the long hours and late nights.

So, now that all the Christmas sewing is done it was time to make something just for ME!
You may remember that I scored this awesome fabric a few months ago. I decided to use some of it for a new bag. I chose the Anna Maria Horner Multi Tasker Tote.

Although, I just finished mine last night and haven't had a chance to really use it yet, I can already tell you that I LOVE IT! It's just the right size for me and has a lot of pockets (There are FOUR on the outside!).

The pattern itself is a bit complicated and the directions require more than one read through. So, I would say it's probably not the ideal project for a beginning sewer's first project.

I also made a few modifications which I would really recommend if you decide to make this bag for yourself:
- add a second inner pocket
- use a front and back piece for each pocket (pattern asks for one piece and seam allowances to be folded inward = very flimsy)
- add magnetic snap
- add fusible fleece to the lining (without the bag will be very floppy)
- fold the tunnel that holds the straps on the side inward instead of outward (A must if you chose different fabrics for lining and straps and don't want the lining fabric to show on the outside.)

If I had to chose between the Multi Tasker Tote and Amy Butler's Birdie Sling bag (which I made last year around this time), I would definetly prefer the Multi Tasker Tote. Both are similar in size, but the MTT is not as deep, which makes finding things easier and the top opens wider: also better for locating things. I also love those four outside pockets. Great for cell phone, keys, snacks, cups....
Both bags take about the same amount of time to make. Probably a solid 6 hours, including cutting and fusing interfacings.

That's all for now. Have to get my brain working on figuring out a New Year's Eve food display fit for four adults and six (6 !!!) children...


Mama Lusco said...

This turned out wonderfully! I like your choice of fabrics and the bag has a nice shape. Thanks for sharing!

Lauranie said...

ooooh, very pretty!! I am liking all of those pockets too...might have to try this one!! Hope your new year is going well!! I am still playing CATCH UP with especially!! UGH!


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