Shirt Refashion - Everybody is doing it!

So, of course, I have to at least try. Right?!
To get some inspiration I went on to Etsy and found this wonderful shop from San Salvador called Zelaya's. Their tops are simply beautiful. I just had to attempt to copy one of them.

It started out with a plain charcole longsleeve shirt and a longsleeve hot pink shirt. The pink one was the one to be cut up. So, I cut off the sleeves to be used for the flower embellishments.

All I really did was cut circles ranging from 4" in diameter to 1" and layered them. In hindsight the one 4" circle used on the biggest flower is a bit too big, but it's still okay.

With my machine I then tacked the flowers onto the shirt by sewing a cross in the center of each flower. I think I may still have to tack on some of the bigger circles on some of the flowers to keep them from folding over when I wear the shirt. But, first I will see what washing will do for the shirt and then decide. I really like how the charcole and hot pink work together.

When I walked downstairs last night to show the result to my husband, all he could do was laugh. I almost think he was making fun of me...! Excuse the crooked waistline in the pic above, I was already wearing PJs.
Now, go ahead and start your own refashion. Get more inspiration here and here.

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Lauranie said...

I went to the links!! Thanks! I really want to try some of these...LOVE the pink and charcoal!! Great job! Tell hubby to ZIP it, or you'll start raiding his tee shirt stash!! :D
oh..another good blog for tee shirt refashion is


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