Sew Mama Sew has linked to my Jammies on their post today! I feel so honored.

If you haven't yet, there is still time to participate in the Pajama Party Sew-Along.


anna said...

Hello Beatrix,
I've just come across your blog after a friend saw your PJs on SMS and linked me to them knowing I'd love them - which I do, they're adorable.

Then I saw the Halloween dress and had to comment because it's absolutely fab too! I think I'm going to be visiting more often!

Always Inspire said...

Oh wow!!! That is fantastic!! Congrats!

Lauranie said...

I was SO EXCITED when I saw the link!!! How awesome for you....but of course, you deserve to be worshipped!!! :D I just couldn't pull up your blog to comment sooner...ugh, I think it is my internet at certain times of the night...probably telling me to GO TO BED!!! :)


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