Pajama Party

Have you heard?!: September is Pajama Party month over at Sew Mama Sew!
Good reason for me to show a couple of pics of the two sets I made for the girls. Both are made from thrifted sheets. For the light cotton one I used a vintage sheet (unfortunately a bit faded in some spots) and the flannel sets are made from brand new pillow cases and a sheet I found at a Thrift Store for 6$ (Score!!!).
I am a bit embarrassed to show you these pictures, because they really stink. However, this is as good as it gets for right now.
For both sets I followed the same basic pattern I used for these short pajamas I made a while back. John calls them Clown Outfits, I think they look super comfy.
In order to help the girls dress themselfes I added an applique on the front of the tops and a little ribbon loop in the back on the inside of the pants.
I do have enough of the flannel left over to make a couple of lounge pants. Maybe for me, maybe for Yanic or maybe I will make John suffer, too...
I have more projects to show, but have to take some not so scrummy pictures of them first. So, maybe another post tomorrow.
And next, I will be making some hopefully really cute Halloween dresses for the girls. I bought this super cute Alexander Henry fabric a while back and can't wait to cut into it.


Always Inspire said...

Those are too cute!

dixiemango said...


Lauranie said...

ooooh I am SUPER jealous!! These are fabulous!! And who says "clown suits" aren't cute!! :D I really like the applique and ribbon taggie are soooo clever!!

Zura said...

the first photo is such a darling :) beautiful PJs!


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