The 1-Hour dress - Seriously!!!

... but only if you don't have monkeys jumping on your back.
Anyway, I just could not wait to share this little creation with you. I am even bumping other posts for this and went against my rule of finishing two of each at all times before having the girls model or try it on! Remember, yesterday, I mentioned that I bought this fabric
and wanted to make dresses for the girls?! And, today I did. Well, just one so far. Here it is:

I love it, love it, love it. I had been thinking about a dress like this for a long time and finally made a few sketches of it the other day. All I really needed were two measuremens: chest circumference and length of the dress (arm pit to just below knee). The back has a zipper and the band on top has a facing inside to hide the ends of the straps and make it look a little nicer when you open the zipper. For the skirt part I simply used a rectangle over the full width of the fabric. If anybody is interested I could put together a little tutorial, since I still have to make the second dress. Just let me know.

Now, regarding the pictures: Since I only have one dress done I had to bribe with chocolate in order to have the girls agree to take turns modeling the dress. And no, they are not crying in the pictures, those are "modeling smiles".


The Back. The band looks a bit uneven in the pic, but in reality it's not. Don't know why it looks so weird here.



I can't wait for the girls to wear these dresses in a couple weeks with a black shirt and black leggings underneath. That will look so cute.


Anonymous said...

I would love a tut! This is so cute. I love that it can transition into fall and winter. Great for any season.

Mama Lusco said...

Very adorable and perfect for fall. Those modeling smiles are too funny!
Great job!

Lauranie said...

TUTORIAL???!!!! UUUMMMM....yes PLEASE!! These are AWESOME!! And only an hour?? Seriously, hurry up with the tute already! :D I love these...even with the scary zipper on the back! I would attempt it for this much cuteness! On second thought, I would pay for this PATTERN!! I think you need more items in your Etsy!! :)


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