Good Night Mom! Good Night Pop!

A new set of jammies for the girls!

Awhile back I received a vintage bodypillow size pillow case from my Mother in Law. The pillow case was open on both ends and had handmade embroideries on either end. I believe her MIL made this pillow case for her for her Wedding. So, this would make it over 40 years (!) old.

I figured summer jammies for the girls would be the perfect repurposing project for this pillow case. The sets I made consist of a peasant style top and simple shorts. For the tops I used this tutorial from IndieTutes and the shorts (I also used part of an old bed sheet here as well) are made from this easy Butterick pattern again.

So here they are:
...and in action...

I think I will use the directions from IndieTutes again to make some summer tops or dresses for the girls. They work up very quickly. I still have a vintage sheet with big summer flowers on it. I think that would be the perfect fabric. But, first I have to finish a couple of custom orders for my shop.


Stephanie said...

...mensch die Nachthemdchen sind ja super süss. Die finde ich richtig toll. Ist das weicher Baumwollstoff? Mittlerweile müsstest Du doch schon Deinen eigenen Laden aufmachen können, so viel wie Du nähst, oder?

My Big Mouth said...

How adorable!
You did a fantastic job on those nighties!

nerida said...

Beatrix these are beautiful! What a great job you did and what a lovely way to use the pillowcases - you've created a new heirloom!

the five of us said...

Those are adorable! I love them. Good for you for recycling and passing on fabrics! I love that idea.

thanks for the links, too


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