Peasant Dress

I really couldn't wait another day to try Indietute's peasant top tutorial again. After the jammies turned out so cute I needed to make a dress version of it for the girls as well.

I used a thrifted bed sheet. Judging by the print I would say it's either from the 60's or early 70's.

As with the jammies I cut the front and back in an A-line shape and made them just long enough to fall below the knee. I also added ties to the sides for tying in back. Looking at the pictures now, I don't think that was really necessary. The dresses would look even cuter without them, I think.
By the way, the sizing in the tutorial runs pretty much true to size. At least for me. I used her measurements for a 3T and they fit perfectly.

I just wish, that my daughters, sometimes, would be more into getting their pictures taken. But, hey, you get what you get. So, here are some blurry snap shots from this morning.

This pic was taken by Yanic. (Must eat more icecream; look like a stick!)

Also, I have to find another obsession. The girls' wardrobe is getting way to big. Any ideas?

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Lauranie said...

Love them!! The girls are getting so big, and so CUTE!! My suggestion is...maybe start making fall stuff now, and in the fall you can start on Christmas!! :) Also, LOVE the jammies, there can NEVER be too much of them!


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