Bitten by the Selvage Bug

...or is it selvedge???!!! I don't know, and it doesn't matter much.

I have been seeing a lot of projects in bloggy world of people who are saving their fabric's selvages and are making the coolest creations from it. Just take a look at this beautiful dress by Jodie Carleton of Australia.

Or check out Karen Griska's blog and all her selvagy creations.

A couple of weeks ago I entered a giveaway at Quilt Taffy and was one of the lucky winners to receive an envelope full of 5 inch selvages. First I had my mind set to use them for a zipper pouch, but then decided to finally make a note book cover for myself. Sewing all these little strips of fabric together is tidious, but soooo much fun. Here is my finished product:

Lot's of sock monkey selvages in red, blue and green and some yellow, a little selvage ruffle, a "smashed down" flower and an ugly ol' vintage leather button to loop the elastic tie around.

I love it. I used fusible fleece for padding and quilted some eratic lines all over. Finally, I have a place to write down all my ideas for projects and patterns. No more index cards over here!


Candice said...

Beautiful note book cover (and not to mention what a great and unique giveaway to win- congrats!).

Lauranie said...

Whoa...that dress is so cool!! Congrats on winning! I LOVE the use of selvedge for a Creative notebook!! It is perfect...and will keep your mind on sewing!! :D
If sewing all of those small slips together was tedious just for your notebook...can you imagine what the maker of that dress went through???? Now that's some HARDCORE sewing!! HA!

Trish said...

Who would have ever thought to sew all of those together?! What a funky little notebook! Love it! Found your blog today an love your stuff. Of course, a bit biased, I'm a twins mom too so I LOVE to chat with other moms of multiples! and you do awesome work! Best, trish

Ashley said...

I lOVE selvedges!


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