Snowflakes, Snowflakes

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So, now. Yesterday was the girls' school's Winter Program. And it was CUTE! Let me tell you. Their class had prepared four different songs and the kids were literally just screaming them out. Really, really cute. And it was double cute because all the kids in Anika and Kordula's class were wearing matching Snowflake costumes.

Those costumes, that I signed up to make and didn't get to start working on until last Friday. Remember?! Anyway, they came together much quicker than I thought. I drew up a simple A-line jumper pattern (one size fits all), cut it out from white felt, used freezer paper to stencil a glittery snowflake on the front and sewed shoulder and side seams together. Pretty easy.

From some of the left over felt I made little flower hairpins for all the girls in the class.

It was adorable: 17 little snowflakes singing their hearts out on stage.

So, this would be the spot I would add a picture of the entire class, if my husband ever learns how to take sharp, non-wonky, non-fuzzy and out of focus pictures. Maybe next year....


Lauranie said...

OMG!!! You DEFINITELY have me BEAT for FAVORITE Pre-K momma!! :D Those came out ADORABLE!! And I really like the hair clips....beautiful!! My husband is the same..or he likes to put the camera in continuous mode and take about 1000 pictures of the SAME shot!! NOT fun to go through!! :D

Jennifer - Mommy to 2 said...

I'm an Elementary Music Teacher and I'm going to have my Kindergarteners be snowflakes in our little program/play/concert. I was searching snowflake costume ideas and your blog came up. These are SO cute. I wish I could make them. I blogged about my snowflake costume search and posted a picture of your beautiful girls in their snowflake costume. I hope you don't mind (I don't have a large following...still pretty new). I linked back to you. I will take it down immediately if you don't want it on there. Here's the post

I love your blog and your creations! They are gorgeous...and so are your children. :)


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