Little Red Riding Hood Halloween Costume

I have been busy working on Halloween costumes. The "Princess" which I turned into Little Red Riding Hood is done. Here she is.

This one cost me a bit more than the Pink Pony, but it was still reasonable. Since all the costume fabrics are on sale at Joann's right now, I think I spent about 12$ total on everything.

So, the costume consists of a white tutu, red circle skirt, red cape (3/4 circle with hood) and a white muslin blouse. The blouse is actually my rescue of this screw-up from earlier this summer. ;-)

For some reason the costume looks a bit plain, or even incomplete to me. What do you think? I feel like it needs a dirndl or corsette type top?!

The last costume, Van Helsing, is in the works. Hopefully, I can finish it before the end of this week, because I am anxious to start working on new jackets for the girls. I bought this really cute pattern. Yes, you heard right: I BOUGHT A PATTERN!

Some of you probably know about the Label Design contest over on Crafterhours. Well, I couldn't help it and participated. Because: I really !!! need new labels. Have a minute to vote?! Come on over here. I bet you can tell which is my entry ;-)

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Lauranie said...

looks great!! I say go with your gut...if you think it needs something, maybe it does. Fancying up the shirt is easy enough, but I think it is adorable!!


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