Name Tags

If you have children in school, you know how important it is to put their names onto every piece of school "equipment" and clothing. Especially, when it comes to winter accessories! I don't know why, but at the end of every season, we end up with less then half of our gloves and most of them will be missmatched.
I have long given up on buying expensive gloves and am now getting the Dollor-deals. And, last week, I was so happy to see that Target had 20% off on winter accessories! So, I bought their 2 for 1$ for a whopping 40 Cents per pair!!!!!

Now, we still don't want to lose them during the course of pre-winter, right?! However, these cheapo-gloves don't come with any space to write in a name.

I decided to write the girls' names with fabric paint on a piece of twill tape and hand-stitch them to the front.

Now, they can easily find them and know which is left and which is right...

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Lauranie said...

so smart...what a deal!! One day I'll actually attempt some fancy tags, but these are really cute!! How is the tag contest going...I really liked yours :)


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