Van Helsing - Halloween Costume

Here are finally a few pictures of Yanic's Van Helsing costume. It has been ready for a while, just didn't get around to posting. Also, the pictures are not the greatest, because somebody was having some attitude issues.... ;-)

The only things handmade on this costume are the coat and the tojo-blades. The coat is made from pleather and the blades are cardboard covered in aluminum foil.

In the beginning I was searching high and low for a coat pattern, because I could not wrap my head around making one myself. However, in the end I absolutely could not find one, and started measuring and cutting and sewing... It worked.

This costume is by far the most expensive one out of the three I made this year. I think I spent close to 25$, including the hat.

Happy Halloween!


Lauranie said...

oh WOW!! It looks soooo cool!! $25? Not too bad, that might what you would spend on a regular costume...but it would look NO WHERE near as COOL!! :) Great job!!

TagTeam Photography said...

You wouldn’t happen to be able to give any kind of pattern/instruction for this coat would you? My son is going as Van Helsing this year and I am lost on making the coat... any help would be greatly appreciated!! My email is


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