The "Anika Skirt" in (almost) Mass Production

Phew! Halloween is over! The kids really had fun this year and were very disappointed when it was time to stop trick-or-treating after almost two hours. I don't think we ever collected this much candy at Halloween before: almost 15 pounds between the three of them.

Now, only a little over 7 weeks and it will already be Christmas! Eeeek.

A (long) while ago I bought quite a bit of AH's velveteen print from the Innocent Crush line (on sale, of course) in order to make comfy coats for the girls. The coats are WIPs, but after cutting all the pattern pieces, I had quite a bit left over and decided to make matching "Anika skirts" for the girls.

And after that, I still had a lot left over....
Over the next few weeks there will be birthday parties the girls are invited to and I decided to make the same skirt for all the birthday girls: 3.

All five girls go to the same school and are about the same age. I am thinking, it would be so cool, if by chance all five of them show up in the same outfit one of these days.... :D

Also, Vivi and Franzi are twins, too. Two sets of twins in the same outfit ?! Oh, so cute... Okay, I am getting carried away.
The light blue accent fabrics are baby corduroy. That combined with the velveteen make these ultra-cuddly and warm. Perfect for Fall.

Now, I just have to find the time to finish the coats. I can't wait to show them off. I think (hope) they will be super cute.
But, first I have to fill some custom orders, I received. Yeah!


scapmanufaktur said...

Das finde ich auch cool. Da bin ich mal gespannt was die Girls sagen... :-)

Lauranie said...

YAY for custom orders!! I really love this skirt and NEED to get it in gear and make ALL of the awesome things you've been posting tutorials for!! Maybe after the CRAZY dies down!!! The girls are soooo beautiful, BTW!! :)


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