Skate Guards - Tutorial

I know, that this is probably blogging for one! But, I will post it anyway.

The girls are going to start figure skating lessons this Saturday. A couple of days ago we went and bought each a used pair of skates. As this was enough money spent already I was not in the mood to spend another 25$ on skate guards. Then, yesterday it hit me: I can make them myself! Duh! And that's exactly what I did.

All you need is some thick terry, FOE (Fold Over Elastic) and 1.5 inch wide nylon band ( I used a pair of old toddler belts).
For kid's size skates (figure or hockey) you will have to cut your supplies as follows (2 of each)
Terry clothes: 4.5 x 11.5 inches
FOE: 10 inches
Nylon band: 11.5 inches

1. Sew the nylon band to the center of each piece of terry clothes.

2. Fold terry piece in half length wise right sides together and sew down the short ends. Sew a slight curve toward the open edge (see pic). Turn right side out.

3. Sew FOE along top edge with a zig-zig stitch. Pull the FOE as much as possible when sewing. Don't start right at either of the two seams, but rather somewhere in the middle. Otherwise, it will get too bulky at the ends. Overlap the FOE at the end a bit. And Voila! You are all done.


scapmanufaktur said...

Na das ist wirklich ne tolle Idee. Sehen toll aus. Super!

Lauranie said...

sooo ingenious!! Post it over at SMS they are doing the Handmade Holiday series right now...this is AWESOME!! Now can you figure out how to do bowling shoe mom has been asking me for like TWO YEARS!! HA!!

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