IZZY Coat by Farbenmix

If you have read some of my posts, you may know that I DO NOT purchase patterns, if I have reasonable confidence I can come up with one on my own.
Jackets are still one of the things, I need a professional pattern for. So, I was searching high and low for a really cool one that I could use for Fall jackets for the girls. No luck with any of the patterns they have at Joann's. So, I started searching Etsy. Which I should have done in the first place. I decided to try Farbenmix' IZZY coat and purchased it here.

It is a nice pattern, but it takes some time to finish. There are 26 pattern pieces you have to cut out... ughh. And you have to remember, that this is a European pattern, so you have to add your own seam allowance. I used velveteen for the outside and fleece for the lining. This makes for a really warm and cozy coat, but my machine was huffing and puffing to get through those several layers of fabric, especially on the bottom where the big front pocket is.

Compared to the examples you can find on Farbenmix' website, I left the jackets rather simple. Since the fabric is quite busy already, I only embellished with some flower buttons and sequin flowers.

The girls really like the many pockets and big muff-like pocket in front (You can't see it on the pictures, because the fabric print is so busy.) and they love how warm and soft it is.
I used size 122/128 (which should translate into a child size 7/8), hoping they will fit for at least another year.
So, in summary, it's a nice pattern, but has lot's of pieces to assemble and it's quite expensive.


Lauranie said...

UGH....HOW many pattern pieces to cut??!!! Well, I guess all of that cutting was worth it, they are soooo cute and look very cozy!! :) I took the easy way this year and just bought some cute coats on Black Friday!! I know....I'm a slacker!! teehee!

Simple Simon & Co said...

I am with you on buying expensive patterns. I either thrift them or wait for a sale.


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