Pink Pony Halloween Costume

Happy Wednesday!
I know, I had promised a follow up on the crochet-top dresses from my last post. They are both finished, however I have not been able yet to take pictures of them while the girls are wearing them. Maybe, we'll have time this coming weekend.

On the other hand, I have started working on this year's Halloween Costumes. The requests are for a Pink and Purple Pony, a Princess (which mean ol' me will turn into Little Red Riding Hood, 'cause I can't bring myself to make another princess dress...) and Van Helsing.

The Pink Pony is done! And I am VERY proud of it, as I spent a total of 4.67$ on it! I scored a velour jogging suit for 2$ at the Salvation Army and spent the rest on purple yarn and some felt.

The mane is made from 4 inch long pieces of yarn sewn onto a strip of felt and then sewn onto the hood. The ears are also felt, free-hand cut and sewn onto the hood as well. For the hoofs I simply added felt cuffs that are slightly wider on the bottom.

Anika LOVES her costume and it's hard to get her out of it.
Next up: Little Red Riding Hood

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Lauranie said...

OMGosh that is the CUTEST pink pony...EVER!!! You are just sooo smart, LOVE IT!! Now can you tell me how to make a dinosaur head?? Thinking of putting it on a ball cap, so it will be easy on/off...HELP!!!


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