Nook Pouch and Around-the-house-dress

WOW! Two months without blogging. Can you believe it?!
It doesn't mean I have not made anything to show, it just has been such a nice summer so far that I didn't feel like spending a lot of time with my computer.

Just before summer I mentioned I would make a cover for my Nook.

Well, here it is; a simple envelope sleeve. I used leftover fabric from the bags I recently made.

On the back side I added a pocket with velcro-closure. This one came in really handy at the pool when we were on vacation. It was just the right size to hold some cash and keys. On "normal" days it holds my charger.

Also, I have this favorite racer-back jersey "dress" I wear a lot around the house. It's totally unstylish and very old and baggy now. But, since it is so comfortable I wanted to try and make a copy of it. I used the bottom of a yellow T-shirt my husband never wore (Why?! ;-)) and some other left over orange jersey.

I simply traced the shape of the old dress onto the fabric, added some seam allowance and sewed it together. I had to piece together the top a bit, but it worked out great, and it fits.

I will be back soon with some back-to-school outfits, a special project Yanic made and some really cute (!) dresses I drew up and made.

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Lauranie said...

ooooh TWO posts in my Reader...what pleasure!! I really like the Nook pouch! I'll have to make one for Ms. Priss when she gets hers! And LOVE that dress!! It looks so comfy and bright!! I don't know what your hubby's problem is??!! My husband LIVES in yellow Tshirts...although they do all have that AWESOME tiger on it...hmmmmm!! ;)


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