Car Seat Organizers

Our annual road trip is coming up and the girls are now big enough to be in booster seats and therefore able to move and reach far enough to use a seat back organizer.

As I did with Yanic's a couple of years ago, I used home dec fabric again. I love this print, I found at Joann's. It so happy and bright.
BTW, have you noticed that fabric prices have increased at Joann's ????!!!! At least in our area. Instead of 9.99$, their 45" home dec fabric is now 10.99$. How dare they... :(
Anyway, I bought 1.5 yards with my 50% off coupon and I used every single piece of it. So, roughly 4.35$ per organizer: still a good deal.

I cut the pocket pieces as I went along, making sure I have two of everything and utilizing the remnant pieces as best as possible.
The only differences to Yanic's are the elastic pockets and an added 6 inch wide piece of super heavy duty interfacing. I added this piece in the top portion for stiffness, in order for the edges not to "slump" over.

Alright, now we have even more areas to store junk in... ;-)


Lauranie said...

That fabric is fabulous!! It must be nice to be neat AND organized...unlike me!! But I am in the process of shoveling out my sewing room...yet AGAIN!! It seems a neverending task for me, UGH!! Hope you are having a great Summer! And no...I haven't been to get fabric in a while...kinda scared, prices suck on everything these days :( Have a fun and SAFE trip!! xo

Rosie said...

Great idea and cute print!


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