Tutti Frutti - Perfect Ruffle Circle Skirt

For a couple of weeks I have had this idea for yet another skirt for my girls in my head: I wanted it to be super cute, with lots of ruffles and different! Here is the result: A circle skirt made from four sections of alternting fabrics with double ruffles on two of the sections.

At first I was really set on using a couple of prints from Patty Young's Andalucia line, but ultimately decided on these fun prints from Joann: Flower and Fruit patchwork and pink strawberries and cherries.

It was a LOT (!) of work to make this skirt. Mostly, because I do not own a serger (Honey; hint, hint!, see Wish-List to the left). Folding and pressing the ruffles, finishing the raw ends on the inside and working this tiny less than 1/4 inch wide double-fold bias tape binding on the lower edge took up most of the time. But, I think it was so worth it.

Unfortunately, I cannot show any pictures of my girls modeling the skirt yet. Since my rule is, no trying-on until two garments are finished to avoid any fighting and tantrums...

So, for tonight I'm off to finish the second one. And I am making them a little longer, so they can be worn this year (mid calf length) and next year (hopefully, knee length).


Mama Lusco said...

Wow! What a great skirt. Your design turned out beautiful. I have seen a similar one by Anna Marie Horner, but hers is longer and straighter. For little girls, your circle design is much more fun :) Love the fabrics you chose. The girls should be thrilled with these...I know mind would!

Ariane said...

I love the skirt. It's beautiful.

nerida said...

My goodness - what a lot of work you put in - it is gorgeous and well worth the effort!

My Big Mouth said...

You are so dang talented!
I love everythign you sew for your girls!
I think all I ever made for my girls when they were small were dolls.
Even at that,I was just learning at the time.

Lauranie said...

LLLOOOOVVVEE this!! It is so girly! I am envious of all the ruffles!! I have got to start practicing on mine more. Right now, I am overcoming my fear of shirring!

Tracy said...

This is beautiful! I love the colors!


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