So, so cute !!!

Recently, I stumbled across Lauren Alexander's shop on Etsy. And I have to tell you about it. She makes the cutest paintings of little birds and owls. You have to check out her work. I promise, you will have a hard time picking a favorite.

After much deliberation, I settled for three of her prints: "Such Devoted Sisters", "The Princess" and "The Velvet Voice". If I knew where to display them, I would have bought more. Believe me. Go, check out her shop, you wont be disappointed.

On a different note, sweet Nerida tagged me the other day to list seven things I love.
So, here is what I love:
1. Obviously, my family.
2. That I have an idea for yet another "perfect" skirt for my girls in my head that I can't wait to make. It's all sketched out; just have to find the right fabric and get going.
3. That it is finally not below freezing during the day anymore.
4. Going to the Joann store during lunch hour.
5. The idea, of maybe someday developing my own pattern for something and sell it.
6. To see how happy Yanic is when playing Hockey.
7. My group at work: They make me laugh.

Now, I would like to tag a couple of Ladies who recently visited my blog and left very nice comments: Angie, "My big Mouth" and Lauranie.


nerida said...

They are lovely things to love! Including those are right - too hard to pick a favourite. I hope you had a great weekend!

Lauranie said...

I've been tagged!?! Wasn't expecting that....hmmm


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